The Best (And Worst!) Way To Buy An HVAC System

If you’re in the market for an HVAC system, of course you want to find the best deal. But simply opting for the lowest price can end up costing you in unexpected ways. We’ve heard from so many people who have made this mistake that we wanted to share insights about the best (and worst!) way to buy an HVAC system. Our Credentials Affordable Mini Splits is proud to be an Authorized Dealer for every …

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Why Doesn’t my Multi Head Mini Split come with a lineset?

We are constantly asked when  purchasing  a multi-head mini split system, why the system isn’t sold with the lineset included?   The Answer is simple, however, lets understand what a lineset is in HVAC Terminology…. Lineset: The term for the copper piping which carries refrigerant from the condenser outside to the evaporator coil inside, then back again in a cycle. The lineset consists of a smaller liquid line for cool, high-pressure liquid refrigerant, and a larger …

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Air Conditioner Refrigerant Types and Comparison

When it comes to Heating and Air systems many people want to know the Air Conditioner Refrigerant Types and the Comparison of each. The difference is usually in the Compressor and which one is clean energy and which one isn’t so clean. Air conditioners use different types of refrigerants, which are called R-22 or R-410A. The type of air compressors used for each type of refrigerant are also different. The R-22 compressors are the older …

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AUX Mini Split Review – What You should know

Our Aux Mini Split Review Before we decided to purchase our AUX Mini Split we did some shopping around comparing Name Brands, Quality, Pricing and the warranty issues with each.  While many seemed to have quite a markup I found the AUX didn’t have the name brand such as Pioneer, Samsung, or Mitsubishi but the prices were affordable and the warranties were nearly identical with the name brand mini split systems.  Many of the others …

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Mini Split Wiring Installation – Part 3

Installing the Wiring for the Unit — I decided to connect the Mini Split to a 30 Amp Double Pole breaker at the Main Panel Outside.  Our Unit is a 240 volt unit which would require at least a 30 amp breaker.  I purchased #10 gauge UF wire, which is commonly referred to as 10/2 UF-B with Ground. I also purchased 1 1/2″ Schedule 80 Electrical Conduit to run from the junction box at the …

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Mini Split Air Handler Installation – Part 2

Next Step:  Installing the Air Handler on the Wall inside the Cabin —— First,  select a location on your interior wall closest to the outdoor Condenser unit mounted outside.  Many Mini Split units come with the complete installation kit which includes the indoor air handler wall mounting bracket, two (2) 7 foot line sets, condensation drain line, and power cable and unit cable.  You will want your cables and line sets to be able to …

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How To Install A Mini Split – Part 1

Why We Made Our Decision:

My wife and I needed to make a decision on how we would cool and heat our cabin during the summers and winters to come.  We purchased an 8000 BTU window unit from a local Big Box store in the beginning of the summer months to make some effort to keep us cool. We knew that we wanted to eventually purchase a Mini Split unit to provide both cooling and heating  when we needed it.  The window unit surpassed our expectations for keeping us cool and comfortable, but we knew we needed more.

Due to the affordability and ease of installation, we decided that a Mini Split unit was our best option for our size cabin.  We chose an AUX 12,000 BTU unit which both heats and cools. At less than 500 Square feet of cabin space, some would say a 12,000 BTU was overkill.  The particular unit that we chose is rated to heat and cool up to 600 Square Feet without any problems. This particular unit came with the installation kit which included both line sets, wiring, remote control, and the outdoor compressor and indoor air handler and wall mounting bracket for the indoor air handler.  Many of these units also arrive pre-charged with R410a Refrigerant.

Deciding where to put it —

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