How To Clean A Mini Split

For many homeowners who want to clean a Mini Split you must first understand the components of your system. It will provide you with a more clear picture of their function and your ability to properly clean them.

Parts of a Mini Split

Outdoor Condenser

MRCool Advantage 12000 BTU Condenser

The Condenser (pictured above) is the main component of your system that contains the Compressor, Refrigerant and Circuit Board.

  • Parts You Can Clean

The cabinet can be cleaned with soap, a soft brush, and a light spray with a garden hose. A dry soft cloth or chamois is best for wiping it dry. Do not open the cabinet to clean as any water intrusion can damage the internal circuit board and wiring.

  • Parts left to the Professionals

In many cases cleaning some components are best left to Heating and Air Professionals. Technicians can clean coils, wiring, and circuit boards without resulting in permanent damage to the system or the user.

Indoor Wall Mounted Air Handler

MRCool 12000 BTU Air Handler

Removing the Filters and Cleaning

Locate the tabs on each side and gently lift the cover. Remove both filters by sliding out. They can be cleaned with a soft brush, mild soap and running water, or a small shop vacuum. Allow them to dry and reinstall. The filters are permanent and reusable. For replacement filters you can find them here.

Removing the Outer Cover

Removing this cover can be simple by removing the screws, finding the tabs, and lifting it up and away as seen in the video.

Cleaning Coil and Blower Wheel

Next, cleaning the internal coil and blower wheel should be performed with a professional grade coil cleaner which can be found with a Mini Split Cleaning Kit listed in the Tools below. Cleaning is simple with the use of a five gallon plastic bucket to catch the dirty water. Here is a short video on how to clean the air handler.

Cleaning the Drain Line

Mini Split Drain Lines are corrugated flexible lines that attach to the Indoor Air Handler and allow any condensation to drain to the outside. You can clean the line by either removing the line- usually held on by a clip on the right side of the indoor unit below the circuit board. The Condensation Drain Pan can be found below the blower wheel. Clean the drain pan and line by using hot water if cleaned from the air handler. Any dirt and debris will drain to the outside. If the line is clogged attach a Shop Vacuum hose at the end of the drain line outside and suction the line. This method will usually clean the drain line.

Drain Pan cleaning Location

Replacing Parts if Needed

Always consult with a licensed Professional to perform replacements. Doing It Yourself can result in any warranty becoming void.

Re-Assembling After Cleaning

Follow the provided instructions to reassemble your unit.

Using A Disinfectant Device

The PureAC Disinfectant Device is a great way to clean and disinfect your Mini Split Air Handler. Simply slip the disinfecting cover on your device and walk away! PureAC is an innovative air conditioning and mini split disinfecting device. It Kills mildew, bacteria, germs and inhibits mold growth.

Save money by protecting your valuable HVAC investment and safeguard your health.

Follow the Manufacturers Instructions included with the unit.

How Often Should you Clean It?

Every 30 Days with this device. Every six months to clean the complete system.

Tools Needed

Shop Vaccuum

Soft Bristle Brush

Speed Clean Mini Split Bib Cleaning Kit

Rinse Kit Sprayer

PureAC Disinfectant Device

Coil Cleaner

Spray Cleaner

Phillips Head Screwdriver

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