AUX Mini Split Review – What You should know

Our Aux Mini Split Review

Before we decided to purchase our AUX Mini Split we did some shopping around comparing Name Brands, Quality, Pricing and the warranty issues with each.  While many seemed to have quite a markup I found the AUX didn’t have the name brand such as Pioneer, Samsung, or Mitsubishi but the prices were affordable and the warranties were nearly identical with the name brand mini split systems.  Many of the others also do not come with the installation kits or ready to use like the AUX systems do. However, AUX is one of the major suppliers of components and OEM products for these name brands.

History of the AUX Group

The AUX Group based in China is one of the Top 500 enterprises in China and began in 1986.  Over the years they have diversified into six (6) groups including intelligent power equipment, home appliance, mobile intelligent terminal, real estate, medical service and financial investment.

Ningbo AUX IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD. is affiliated with AUX Group. They value the belief of “creating an intelligent way of life with high technology.” After 17 years exploring, their total assets reached RMB1.1 billion. They have three major industrial bases located in Ningbo, Nanchang, and Tianjin, respectively. Their business covers residential air-conditioning, commercial air-conditioning and other household appliances. AUX products are exported to over 100 countries and districts. 

AUX is also one of the top component suppliers of some well known brands we know today such as Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Toshiba, LG, and Whirlpool, and York brands.

Some of AUX other OEM ( After Market Suppliers)

Packaging and Shipping

To my surprise these units are packaged for shipping very nice to prevent any damages through shipping and handling.  Each unit is shipped in two separate boxes to your door. One contains the Compressor and the second Contains the Indoor Air Handler with Lineset, mounting bracket, Remote and Instructions.  The Instruction Manual however is sometimes printed in Spanish as many of these units are sold and shipped to Mexico and other South American Countries.  An English version is available for consumers.

Ease of Installation

When following the instructions ( in English) I was able to install this unit by myself in a matter of a couple of days. It took that long as I had to work my part time job, buy parts, and an occasional rainfall which kept me from working outside. I also decided to pour a concrete pad outside to mount the Compressor. That also took a few days to cure before I was ready to mount it permanently.  In one of my previous posts I detailed the complete installation process which you can find HERE and PART 2.

Remote Control

The Remote Control that comes with these units are also supplied with a Wall Mounting Bracket for those of us who tend to lose things…Units are also available with WIFI remotes on some models.  These remotes have many great functions which you can see on this display pad on our remote. Some of the features include the normal modes for temperature settings, Fan Speeds, a Turbo Function, and Swing feature which allows the baffles to swing side to side or up and down to circulate and distribute air. There is also a Clean mode, Anti-Fungus, Health, and a Sleep Mode. Batteries are included with the Remote.

Our Review

We purchased the AUX 12,000 BTU Mini Split System which Included the Remote, Lineset, mounting brackets and Instruction Manual with Warranty Card. After several months of use we have been very pleased with the quality and dependability of this unit.  These units run very quietly and our electric bill so far has been between $80-$90 per month considering we also use lights, receptacles, and 220 volt electric water heater among other small appliances. Our previous Central A/C unit in our former home including lights, hot water, appliances, and an electric garage door opener which resulted in a well over $125-$150 range electric bill each month.

We were also impressed with the different options of the remote, and cleaning of the  permanent filters is a breeze with no fiberglass filter replacements needed. You only need to brush them off or clean them with warm water and soap.  The units also come with a five (5) year Manufacturers Warranty on the Compressor and one (1) year Parts Warranty. In the event of a malfunction of the unit an error code will display on the front of the indoor air handler. That error code will indicate the problem with the unit and a replacement part is sent to you or your HVAC Technician for repair. 

The downside to these units for many would be that they aren’t exactly Plug and Play as some are advertised to be. Anyone can install these units themselves with the right tools and knowledge. They are fairly easy to wire with the wiring instructions that are included with the purchase.  These units aren’t powered directly to the outside compressor, rather to the air handler inside. A Communications cable pre-attached to the Indoor unit controls the outside unit and is wired according to the corresponding number.

We DO RECOMMEND these units and suggest you purchase one for your particular use!

If you should have any questions, comments or your own reviews please feel free to comment. We would love to hear from you!