Why Doesn’t my Multi Head Mini Split come with a lineset?

We are constantly asked when  purchasing  a multi-head mini split system, why the system isn’t sold with the lineset included?   The Answer is simple, however, lets understand what a lineset is in HVAC Terminology….

Lineset: The term for the copper piping which carries refrigerant from the condenser outside to the evaporator coil inside, then back again in a cycle. The lineset consists of a smaller liquid line for cool, high-pressure liquid refrigerant, and a larger suction line for hot, low-pressure gaseous refrigerant.
The answer is simply this…..Any multiple head mini split system is composed of a main Compressor which is located outside of the structure you are wanting to heat or air condition.  The HEADS ( Air Handler) as they are commonly known, are wall mounted at convenient locations within the home.  Due to the distance in many instances of the air handler from the compressor, that will determine the distance the lineset needs to be from the Air Handler to the Compressor to provide the refrigerant.  That is the reason why multiple HEAD systems have linesets sold separately.
You can purchase linesets usually in 9, 11, 16, 25 and 50 foot lengths.
Almost all Single HEAD mini split systems on the market today will have a lineset included as a package. They typically require the included lineset for shorter distances between the Compressor and the HEAD.