AUX Main Control Board Combo for AUX 12000BTU-1Ton-115V PCB Only Includes J Models

MCB115 J
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This Main Control Board Combo for AUX 12000BTU for 115V Model Number: ASW-H12U3/*R1DI-US. ( Solve display show F1 error code and Compressor not working )

Applicable Models : ASW-H12U3/LSR1DI-US. ASW-H12U3/LDR1DI-US. ASW-H12U3/*R1DI-US. ASW-H12U3/JR1DI-US. ASW-H12U3/LKR1DI-US. ASW-H12U3/FAR1DI-US.

NOTE: Electronic Parts are Not Returnable as we have no way of knowing if it has been installed or used. Electronic Parts cannot be shipped by Next Day Air as they are Considered Hazardous Materials. All Shipping by UPS or FedEx Ground or USPS.

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