Envi High-Efficiency 120v Plug-In Electric Panel Wall Heater Review

envi heater box

Our Review of the ENVI High- Efficiency 120 Volt Electric Wall Mounted Convection Heater and the Pros and Cons.

About the Company

EHeat Inc. is an online distributor of wall mounted electric panel heaters and associated accessories.  Without going into greater detail about the Company you find find their personal story HERE. The Company is AMERICAN OWNED AND BUILT, however some parts are made overseas.

What’s in the Decorative Box?

The Unit is Shipped in an attractive Box that you will find at the Top of the Page. Enclosed in the box we found the Heater well packaged for shipment along with the Mounting Hardware which is included. The package of Mounting hardware includes the screws and wall anchors necessary to mount the unit.

Envie Heater In the Box

Wall Mounting Template

The Wall Mounting Template ( Pictured above) fits nicely around the Envi Unit during shipping and can be easily removed prior to mounting the unit on your desired wall with the enclosed wall anchors.

Envi Heater Wall Mounting Template
Wall Mounting Template

Measuring is very simple with the template provided. You simply remove it from the box, pick your spot on the wall to mount it and flip the template over and place against the wall on the floor. Use the holes pre-cut into the template to mark the location of your wall anchors and mounts. It’s as simple as that! You can see the pre cut holes in the photo above and they are located on each side. It also provides measurements printed on the template to choose your desired height from the floor. (photo below)

Envi Heater Template against the wall
Template Against the Wall

Once you have your anchor locations marked with a pencil, after using the template, simply remove the template out of the way and screw the wall anchor in the wall or into a wall stud with the screws and the metal mounts provided in the box.

Envi Heater Template
Pre-Cut Holes and Measurements Template

It will take less than 5 Minutes and anyone can do it!!

For the Manufacturers Installation Instructions you can visit HERE

Mounting the ENVI Wall Heater

Mounting the ENVI is EASY! After installing the provided Wall Anchors and Mounts the Heater has two slots on the back of the heater itself. Simply lift the heater, place the installed metal mounts ( attached to your wall anchor) and secure the heater to the metal mounts. The mounts easily slide into the slots on the rear of the heater. Make sure that it is secure against the wall and flat. You will hear it CLICK when its attached to the wall mounts. As an added Safety Feature these units WILL NOT OPERATE unless they are mounted properly and are flat against the wall.

Envi wall heater mounted on wall
Mounted Wall Heater

In the above photo these units are a little large but they are narrow in depth and fit nice against the wall. The dimensions for these units are 19″ wide x 22″ high x 2″deep. These units also have a 6 foot Power Cord for the 120 Volt Plug-In model that is sufficient to reach any outlet. It also has a slot located in the bottom of the unit ( pictured below) to tuck any excess cord inside the cabinet of the unit and out of the way. Remove the screws on the bottom, remove the cover plate and tuck the cord inside inside the convenient storage compartment. The cord is not harmed when inside the compartment.

envi heater power cord connection

How does it work?

The ENVI Wall Mounted Heater is an electric wall mounted fan-less pure convection space heater. Inside the heater is called Stack Convection Technology, which allows cold air from the floor to be naturally drawn up inside the unit and then passed through dual heating stacks which causes rapid heating of the air, which rises naturally out of the top of the unit. It’s this patented Dual Stack Convection technology that allows the ENVI Heater to be more efficient, more effective and safer than any other heater you can find on the market today. The heat generated exits the top of the heater into your room as you can see in the below photo. The top right dial is the thermostat to control the temperature of the heat coming from the unit. We opted for the optional Plug In Thermostat ( sold separately) which we will discuss later. The Wall above the Heater does get hot as the heat rises directly above the top vent of the heater. The ENVI only produces 130 – 160 degrees of heat, and will not exceed 160 degrees even while kept on the highest setting. Typically, the auto-ignition temperature for wall material is in the 450 degree or higher range. The ENVI produces a safe temperature on your wall. Located on the front of the unit is a Power switch to turn the unit on or off manually. One feature about this unit is the power indicator light will dim and adjust brightness for those who like darker rooms. No Bright light to keep you awake if used in a bedroom.

Envi heat register

Is the ENVI Environmentally Safe?

The answer we found is YES! ” Envi wall mounted heaters eliminate the usual problems connected with allergy sufferers and dust disturbances; Envi wall mounted heaters do not use a fan. Additionally, the low wattage of the heater, and low temperature heating core, does not allow the air to dry out. Even sufferers of Dry-Eye-Pain syndrome can experience relief during the heating season by the reduction of dried out air, and airborne particles normally blown about by other heating systems. “

Conforms to UL Std:         UL 2021  (Intertek ETL Mark for the United States)
Cert. to CAN/CSA Std:      C22.2 No. 46  (CSA Mark for Canada)
Conforms to IEC Std:         60335-1 & 60335-2-30  (International)
Conforms to AS/NZS:        60335.1 & 60335.2.30 (Australia and New Zealand)

They can also be left on indefinitely to produce heat as the heating elements inside are encapsulated inside the panel which reduces exposure to the air and less maintenance on the unit. The Company also backs the unit with a 3 Year Warranty.

You can view the website FAQ HERE

Is the ENVI Economical?

We feel like it is economical due to the fact the heat produced comes from convection inside the unit and has no fans running which would increase electric consumption. The units draw around 450 Watts. The Company makes the claim this unit is economical and will ON AVERAGE use around 4 cents per KW Hour to operate. The National Average is around 10/cents per KW Hour. With the installation of the thermostat we haven’t noticed the unit running for any extended periods of time. It also heats well and keeps us comfortable without feeling overheated or having a stuffy room. They are not designed for large areas or rooms.

What size room will it heat?

The ENVI has been designed to heat a typical 10 x 15 foot room or 130-150 Square Feet.

Optional Plug-In Thermostat

These are sold separately and can be purchased on the website. We chose the PSP300 Plug-In Thermostat for our particular application. The ENVI Itself uses a 3 Prong right handed plug which also fits snug inside the PSP300. You can purchase one using this 20% OFF DISCOUNT.

envi wall heater thermostat

These optional units are very easy to set your desired temperature to turn on and off at the temperature needed or an easy to use Day/Week timer. The unit simply plugs into any 120 Volt outlet. Included is a pop-up thermostat which can be seen in the above photo. Place it in the upright position and leave it. This neat little gadget also has a flip up cover to set the thermostat as needed. (pictured below) The On-Off Switch is located on the side of this unit to allow you to turn the ENVI On And Off. By using the PSP300 it will disable the thermostat on the unit itself. These units in the COOL selection Mode work great for regulating window air conditioners.

envi thermostat functions

And Our Review is….


  • Great One Room Wall Mounted Heater – Heats any 10 x 10 space up to 100 Square Feet
  • 450 Watt Energy Use
  • 120 Volt Plug-In Or Hardwire Models Available
  • 6 Foot Cord with the Plug-In Model
  • Mounted Close to the floor to draw the cold air up through the top of the Heater.
  • Built In Wall Mount Safety Feature to turn off the Heater. This heater will not turn on if not mounted on the wall correctly.
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Cabinet is cool to the touch.
  • Easy to Install


  • The ENVI Heater is a little bulky but fits nicely against any wall.
  • Not Recommended for Mounting below Curtains or Open Windows.
  • It does get the Wall Hot above the Unit.
  • We found it a little “pricey”
  • The Company only Sells Units Online through its website or through selected In Store Retailers.
  • EHEAT has had some recalls of Faulty Heaters manufactured between July 2015 and August 2016 that contain improper wire crimping that can cause the unit to overheat, smoke, or melt, posing a burn hazard. The Recall Notice is HERE